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ABOUT the boundless edit

The Boundless Edit is a profit-for-purpose production company supporting women in business in developing communities.

With so many charities already out there, the team decided to edit down the options - personally visiting and vetting charities - to create a carefully considered edit of effective, trustworthy, transparent, non-partisan charities supporting women in business. The Boundless Edit is an independant non-profit, charitable organisation registered in Australia. All donation and sales revenue generated is retained within The Boundless Edit and our projects, and any surpluses are used to purchase product and expand the number of artisans we work with around the world.

So, with this in mind, the team set out to create an edit of impactful charities that support women in business. Working through cooperatives and social enterprises, our artisan partners improve the quality of life in their communities in a number of ways, including literacy workshops, business training, and health programs. Women artisans are often able to work from home while caring for their families, and they can use the extra income to send their children to school.

The Boundless Edit was formally created during 2015, with Lilli and Erin working with Madagascan charity SEED in the southern most provinces of Madagascar, and we have since added our Nepal project Quilts for Kids to our portfolio. 


"When we support women in business and entrepreneurship, our voices become louder in the home, in the community, in the country, in the world." Lilli, co-founder of the boundless edit



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The Boundless Edit is a proud partner with the World Fair Trade Organisation, supporting the ten principles of 'Fair Trade', including opportunuties for disadvantaged producers, transparency and accountability, fair payment, good working conditions and gender quality. 

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“These photos are amazing!! I"m completely blown away, thank you! They completely capture the heart of Quilts for Kids Nepal: The women, the kids, Ravina and James. Just amazing.”
Praise from James Hopkins, Founder of Quilts for Kids Nepal 


“These are amazing - so moving & you really have captured the need here whilst maintaining the respect & dignity that people here possess. You’ve captured the essence of SEED & Madagascar & presented it in a truly beautiful way”

Praise from Lisa & Mark Bass, Founders & Directors of SEED Madagascar