Frida Kahlo is still our ultimate #GirlBoss.

 Nicholas Muray, Frida Kahlo on white bench 1938, carbon print   

 Nicholas Muray, Frida Kahlo on white bench 1938, carbon print


Creative. Check. 

Quirky. Check. 

Strong, brave and empowered woman. Check. 

Rule breaker. Check. 

Bushy eyebrows du jour. Check. 


No wonder we're obsessed with Frida Kahlo this week. We had an TBE field trip to the NSW Art Gallery yesterday to see the new FRIDA KAHLO + DIEGO RIVERA exhibition, and despite the long lines and being herded around in sold out time slots, it certainly didn't disappoint!

The exhibition is a collection from The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection of Mexican Art, and consists of 33 artworks, 57 photographs, 3 short films and even private letters detailing the alluring dynamic of the couples turbulent relationship. 

In short, it's a must see, just make sure you book an allocation here before you go.

Here are our top 5 takeaways :


"My favourite quote from the exhibition is from photographer Lola Alvarez Bravo, who said 'Frida is the only person I know who, by their own will, created their own life. She is the only person who gave birth to herself'. This is even more powerful when you know Kahlo's story, she was fearlessly herself despite societies constraints on how she should act as a woman in 1930-40's revolutionary Mexico. It serves as a reminder that our journey should be about bravely expressing our uniqueness and not following the societal norms constructed for us. Kahlo personifies the saying that well-behaved women rarely make history. " Lilli, Creative Director at TBE.

Bernard Silberstein, 'Frida painting 'The Wounded Table', Coyoacán', 1940

Bernard Silberstein, 'Frida painting 'The Wounded Table', Coyoacán', 1940


"Frida was surrounded by amazingly vibrant Mexican influences and loved to embrace the traditional clothing and accessories. Even though she travelled to exhibit her work and with Diego, she found there was no place like home and always returned to Mexico. We love the vibrant colour, the surrealist styling and melange of culture of Mexican history - inspiration is everywhere if you choose to see it." Lucy, Communications at TBE



"Freda and Diego were married twice and had a passionate love affair for 30 years - they met when she was just 16 and were together when she died at 47, despite a lot of turbulence in-between. Their love is a remainder that the course of true love never does run smooth - so said Shakespeare - and that muses can be excellent creative propellents if we harness the emotions in the right way!" Lucy, Communications at TBE

Self Portrait with Monkeys by Frida Kahlo, 1943, oil on canvas

Self Portrait with Monkeys by Frida Kahlo, 1943, oil on canvas


"Crazy monkey lady? I love that Frida said a big 'Fuck You' to life sometimes and went to live in a big blue house with bunch of monkeys and paint. This (above) was my favourite because there's something so cool about going against the grain and embracing the weird. Let's be honest - who wouldn't want to do that every now and then?!" Matteo, Financial Officer at TBE.



"It's always fascinating to me how artists who are ridiculously famous and praised now were perceived when they were alive. Van Gough is a prime example, even Picasso and Matisse went relatively unrecognised during their lifetimes. Kahlo's only exhibition in Mexico was just months before her death and a lot of what I've read about her suggests that her work went largely unrecognised in her lifetime or was overshadowed by Rivera's work. Yet she passionately and unwaveringly pursued her love of painting and creating." Lilli, Creative Director at TBE. 


The Exhibition is on until the 9th of October at the NSW Art Gallery in Sydney. 



Below is The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo Documentary for more information on Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. 

Lilli B