Make a Difference

Are you ready to make a difference and travel the world?


I hope that you have the opportunity to join us, to travel somewhere relatively undiscovered in this Instagram-saturated world, to meet women who will change your perspectives, to have tea in their homes and spend time with their families. To travel through extraordinary landscape with a small group of like-minded, creative women, to have the opportunity to see your own product development in a remote community of creative artisans, to have the opportunity to enhance your own photography skills. To breathe fresh mountain air and sit on the floor of dusty mud huts. To challenge your comfort zone; to discover, to learn and to create for yourselves. Co-founding The Boundless Edit has been the greatest adventure of my life and the experiences I have had the privilege of having, the stories of extraordinary people I have had the honour of hearing, to be honest with you, far outweighs anything we have done for anyone else.

I hope by opening up our next project to share with you, that you might also be able to have these incredible adventures and meet fellow creative artisans on the other side of the world. We are not a charity, this is not ‘Voluntourism’. We travel to meet these artisans as equals, as fellow creatives in the global marketplace with whom we share a common thread. I hope you will join us on this experience; I have no hesitation in saying it will be one of the great adventures of our lives.

Lilli xx