NEPAL PROJECT - Celeebrating ten years 

Dedicated to change.

In 2006, Bimar was a young girl begging on the streets of Kathmandu.
Her family fled civil unrest on the border of Pakistan in northern India to make a better life in Nepal, but they landed in abject poverty and were forced to beg for money to feed themselves. Bimar had never been to school or had a medical check up and at night she shared a thin piece of foam on the ground with her siblings and a single blanket. 

Then one afternoon while begging around the tourist hub of the Boudhanath Stupa, Bimar met James Hopkins, a former high-flying New York banker who threw in Wall Street and bought a one way ticket to Kathmandu to study Buddhism. 

Ten years later, it was a chance meeting that would change not just Bimar’s world, but the lives of the entire community she lives in through the power of creative business. 

We sat down in the Quilts for Kids village in Kathmadu for a very candid chat about the incredible impact of Quilts for Kids Nepal, over the best sweet masala teas you'll ever have. 

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A unique opportunity to travel

like never before.

We connect with remote communities and unique artisans to provide a travel experience like no other. Experience foreign countries through the lens of the people who live there, be part of a project bigger than yourself and make a difference with your travel.