TBE Packing 101!

With just over a week to go until our Moroccan adventure begins its finally time to start packing our bags. Among the multiple cameras, battery packs and laptops we’re taking it’s hard to find the perfect balance between filling our suitcases with our favourite Australian labels and leaving enough space to ensure we have enough room to bring home all of the goodies we will be picking up along the way. Some say my goal to bring a handcrafted Moroccan rug home in my suitcase is a bit ambitious but I’m not one to shy away from a challenge… 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a panic packer, I’ll pack 10 times more stuff than I actually need to avoid any “dammit I wish I had…” moments. I could be travelling to Antarctica and I’d still be trying to justify my need for a bikini and shift dress. BUT, this trip I’m turning over a new leaf and making myself pack sensibly, starting with a list. It’s all about prioritising and planning so knowing roughly what you have planned for each day and what the weather is going to be means you can pack accordingly. 

With Morocco being a predominately Muslim country it’s important for all us at TBE to be respectful and abide by the morals of the local people when it comes to dressing. That means we’ll be taking the opportunity to cover up our shoulders and legs in some gorgeous, flowy dresses, skirts and shirts. Not only are they by some of our favourite Australian designers who we love and trust, but they are also made out of the most amazing fibres that will help keep us cool and comfortable in the desert heat. 

It’s going to be a whirlwind two weeks so we’re taking our go to staples with us so that early morning wake ups can be as easy as throw on and go. I’m not opposed to a little bit (a lot) of outfit repeating and lucky for me the TBE girls are up for some suitcase sharing as well so there will definitely be a bit of mixing and matching going on. I always find that travelling is such a nice opportunity to try a few different things and mix up your usual style. I’m excited to get out of my usual neutrals and into some soft florals especially as summer will be heating up back in Australia when we return. 

Last but not least, travel tip #101 from a girl who’s talking from experience, make sure you always pack your essentials and a change of clothes in your carry on just in case something doesn’t quite go to plan. Especially when you have to catch three different flights on three different airlines to get to your destination!

With love, 

Sarah xxx



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