Our Vision

We can all be innovators.


With each new project we begin, I am reminded of the importance of listening, appreciating and learning everything I can from all the creative, dynamic and wonderfully intriguing people I meet. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to meet these people and that it is my duty to share the wealth of their knowledge and experiences with others. 

This organisation is comprised from time my team and I have spent with these artisans, creative women, business women - incredible women. These photographs tell a story of solidarity, empowerment and bright hope for the future. We believe these projects show the peaceful power of women and the silent strength found in communities of women worldwide. We hope they allow you to gain some insight into these womens' lives and identities - not as 'a disadvantaged community', but as craftspeople, business women, mothers, friends, daughters, decision makers and leaders.  

We selected these moments and stories to share because they not only capture the beauty of these women, their staunch work ethic, their group and camaraderie, but also these women's search for their own identities as skilled artisans amidst incredible adversity. 

These women have found strength in the community they've built and have found solace in their work. These women live their lives with warmth and colour. These women find joy and beauty in the face of difficulty, looking forward rather than backward. They have each created their own small ripples of change for women in their community, that together, amalgamate a tidal wave of change. 

It's my hope that the story of these strong women will remain a constantly evolving conversation that will continue to influence every day of my life - and that perhaps by reading on, you will be similarly affected and inspired by these stories and the women behind them. 

I believe part of the process of figuring yourself out is a way of connecting the dots between the inspiring, large living, influential people around us, like some sort of hidden constellation of experiences - you only have to know where to look. This project is just the start; for the women you find profiled here, for my team and I, and I hope, for you, to create your own ripples of change, however they may look. 

Lilli Boisselet  Co-Founder of The Boundless Edit

Lilli Boisselet
Co-Founder of The Boundless Edit

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